Katifa the Lucky Star

Astrological chosen turned scholar-rogue.


Katifa is a cheerful young woman in good form, usually dressed in the jacket and loose pants of a traveler, and with a cloth worn about her head. Her most distinctive feature is the set of astrological tattoos that cover much of her body, unmistakable if she goes without as little as a veil or gloves. She also has a horselike tail, a mane of hair that runs down her spine, and three small bone spurs that poke through the skin of each ear. As tieflings go, she can pass for human in a pinch with the right clothes, and often does so.


Katifa was chosen from the moment of her birth — because of the moment of her birth — to be a sacrifice in a grand astromantic ritual. She was raised in near-isolation and under constant surveillance so as not to ruin the grand moment. The moment was ruined all the same, when Abd al-Rashid interrupted the ritual and rescued Katifa. She spent the next year and a half alternately studying in the tower of the Immortal Sage and experimenting with her newfound freedom.

Apart from her astromantic knowledge, Katifa has quickly refined her survival skills, from knife-fighting to haggling for antiquities. She has a strong reservoir of tiefling dexterity and charm, even if she is still fairly sheltered where other cultures are concerned. Having evaded one ugly destiny, she hopes to craft an entirely new one and set it among the stars.

Katifa the Lucky Star

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