Lightning Zan

Impulsive storm-born adventurer.


Zan is a vibrant and impulsive young man with a quick and strong build, swifter to action than to contemplation. His storm-born heritage shows most often as the lightning-blue streaks in his dark, wind-tossed hair, and as eyes that change their color from the deep grey of ominous clouds to the blue-white of a thunderbolt. His skin throws off small sparks of electricity when he’s angered. He prefers the loose pants and leather vest of a dedicated swordsman; his blade resembles a slim khopesh, shaped to recall the arc of a lightning bolt, and he seems not to notice its unusual balance.


Zan’s tale begins when a kindly couple of aged fisherfolk found a peculiar infant swaddled in exotic cloth drifting in a bowl on the sea. They took the strange child in, and looked after him as best they could. When he was old enough to know his own blood, they told him that his rich swaddlings meant he was the son of a djinni princess, no doubt abandoned because he would be unwelcome in her world. He knew from childhood that he was destined for adventure, and now he travels in part to learn about his own origins. His blend of swordsmanship and storm magic has earned him a modicum of fame, though he is quick to point out that he’s just getting started.

Most recently Lightning Zan, as he has come to be known, learned of the elemental sorcerer Zufar al-Calsir, who is famous for having three children by three different jinn mistresses. Zan asked a diviner if Zufar had a fourth child, one born of air to match his seaborn son, his earthen elder daughter and his fiery younger daughter. The diviner told him it was so, and Zan immediately set out to prove himself to the man he assumed must be his father. Regrettably, Zufar denied the connection, but Lightning Zan is determined to impress the powerful sorcerer, and so earn a place in his family.

Lightning Zan

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