Mashaar the Golden-Fingered

Adventurer turned merchant queen and employer.


Mashaar is a handsome woman in early middle age, softening a bit around the edges now that she is able to deputize the swordplay, thievery and pursuit to others. She dresses in memorable and lavish fashion to emphasize her wealth, perhaps to make it all the easier to slip incognito into a wineshop with a simple change of clothes.


“I am Mashaar jin Unun, al-Uzun, called the Golden-Fingered. I was born a pauper and have wrested a queen’s wealth six times over. I have disguised myself as a man, stolen pirate ships, broken noble hearts, lied to jinn, and saved priests’ souls.

“Now tell me: What is your story?”

Mashaar the Golden-Fingered, daughter of nobody from nowhere, is the wealthy head of a merchant empire built up over the course of many adventures. She claims to have had her fill of excitement, and is now content to run her trade in exotic curios, strange goods, exceptional armament, and — if the rumors are true — the occasional near-priceless artifact.

Of course, Mashaar’s trade routes, inside leads and jealous rivals make her business draw excitement and adventure all the same. This is why she claims to be “a generous woman who takes in orphans” — in this case, the “orphans” being a motley assortment of blades, privateers, scholars and rovers on her payroll.

Mashaar the Golden-Fingered

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