The City of Sails

The bustling port of Adwa is a strong power in ocean trade, famed for its shipbuilding business. It sits on the delta of the Diriwa River, where it takes timber from upriver and fashions some of the finest ships on the coast — or at least most of the good ones. The city’s character is powerfully influenced by the sailor’s way of life. Boasting is a common practice, tattoos are popular among even the upper classes, and major holidays are drinking holidays. Turquoise is the color of the state flag, and by default the city; patriotic Adwani wear turquoise, Adwani ships paint a band of turquoise around their hulls, and the local officials wear turquoise sashes or robes with silver or gold embroidery, depending on their status.

Adwa’s most notable monument is the great wall that guards the eastern side of the city, looming almost a hundred high. This wall overlooks the border of the Mouth of Fevers, a pestilential mangrove swamp home to poisonous beasts, ghuls and worse.

The Emir of Adwa is an elected position, with the most well-settled and prosperous merchant heads the electors. Naturally, the Emir is traditionally well under the thumb of profit’s demands. This has caused rising tension with the lower classes, as there hasn’t been a populist Emir in generations.

Notable Residents

Bubaas the Barber: Friendly, outgoing rumormonger who keeps his ears open for the Immortal Sage.

Harira: Elven broker of the City of Thieves, who can procure even shops for those who can pay her price.

Haup: talking sight-hound who acts as messenger for the Immortal Sage.

Ilsissa: jewel-adder Serpent Emir who acts as unofficial guardian of the Mouth of Fevers.

Master Voor: Spectacularly ugly merchant who owns three scavenger ships, including the Faithful Ox. Devout follower of the Prophetess.


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