The Whims of Destiny; Ambiguous

Fate is not a person, nor an organization, nor a creed. Fate simply is.

The peoples of Khavayin believe that while mortals are free to do as they choose, Fate anticipates those choices. A man who has sworn never to touch a woman, for he feels they will be his doom, is indeed doomed by a woman — but it was his oath that drew Fate’s attention, and his choice that set him on Fate’s road.

But not all people are equally marked by Fate. Grand coincidences bedevil those who take grand actions. A sudden calamity befalls a traveler who proves clever enough to turn a profit from the misfortune in the end. A dust storm uncovers a rare treasure; a shipwreck strands a sailor on an island of jewels; a wild horse throws his rider before that rider can fall from a decaying bridge.

There are no “positive” or “negative” or “conflicted” relationships with Fate; Fate has no friends nor enemies. A woman who rails against Fate will find herself no less marked. How could it be any other way? We have no Fate but the Fate we are given.

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