The City of Blades

Hamaji, the City of Blades, sits on the northern coast of Khavayin, directly south of Ossenland. It is famed as a place to hire mercenaries, and many sell-swords and would-be employers from both Aurach and Ibrydos come to Hamaji. The city also sees a fair amount of more traditional trade (and, alas, traditional smuggling), but fighting men and women are the chief business of Hamaji. Mercenaries advertise their profession by wearing yellow sashes or weapon-tassels, and many can be seen swaggering around the city’s stony streets.

A deep red-orange is the color of the local government. City guards and mamluks wear sashes in that color, and court officials favor turbans of the same.

Civilian fashion is very eclectic. Many residents borrow particularly striking styles of adornment from the constantly circling foreigners. Prominent citizens tend to wear clothes in cobalt blue and dark orange. Padded armor is most common for casual wear among the local guards.

The city itself is composed of mostly white or off-white buildings, frequently whitewashed, sometimes made of marble. The Sea Gates, which open onto the docks, are flanked by large statues of the armored lion, one paw resting on an upright shield, that is the mascot of the city. The flag itself depicts a stylized lion’s paw atop two crossed scimitars.

The Sultana’s Court

Sultana Tebira is a former corsair, and is somewhat regretful that she has given up the open sea and thrill of battle for the frequently tedious job of governance. She is prone to disguise herself and go slumming in wineshops, and devours new tales of adventure. Her vizier, Bashish, is a rotund representative of the merchant class who often frets over his sultana’s lack of interest in the “drudgery” of rule. The captain of the guard, Ranzat, is a conservative family man who cares little for what the indigent mercenary population does on campaign so long as they behave themselves within the city walls.


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