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Khavayin is a wide land containing a number of kingdoms, emirates and city-states, all with a fantasy Arabian by way of sword and sorcery motif. It is large and diverse, and supports all manner of fantastic stories.

This wiki will always be incomplete. If there is anything you would like preserved on a website so that it can be easily accessed, kindly make a request and I’ll put that at the top of the queue for a new entry. Players are also welcome to submit their own entries for characters and such.

The players are all assumed to be attached to the Golden Venture Trading Company, a merchant organization run by a former adventurer that has a penchant for picking up strange and exciting opportunities. They might be some of Mashaar the Golden-Fingered’s “Orphans,” or simply be traveling in the same direction for a time.


Adwa, City of Sails
Hamaji, City of Blades
Izir, City of Flame
Naas, City of Silks
Pashkun, City of Glories/City of Chains
Saramanda, City of Songs
Sithwa, City of Locks
Zamaas, City of Echoes
Zarat, City of Corsairs


The Crown of Thunder
The Laughing Waters
The Ruins of Tegwali
Umal Baat, ruined city where the Slumbering King rests
Vorun Tsaa, sunken city
Widow’s Harbor



The Enlightened Caliph
The Immortal Sage
The Prophetess
The Serpent Emirs
The Sentinels of the Broken Wall


The Beasts of Stone
The City of Thieves
The Queen of Birds
The Sultanates of the Jinn


The Ascending Flame
The Brotherhood of Vipers
The Ghul Queen
The Ogre Khan
The Slumbering King


Items of Enchantment
The Zodiac Gems
The Zodiac Cabal
The Kholos Sahar
The Righteous Wheel Talon
The Feast of Mashaar’s Return
NPC Roster
Ships of Note
The Leviathan Crown Plunder
Unnat al-Shim’s Library

Lesser Tales

Aya’s Birthday

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