The Ascending Flame

Sorcerous Conspiracy of Conquest; Villainous

Usual Location: Wizards of the Ascending Flame can be found in most major cities, openly or covertly. Izir, City of Flame, is ruled by a sorcerer-amir of their brotherhood, and they maintain a tower complex there.

Agents: Sorcerers, alchemists, homunculi, elementals, clockworks, minor jinn, scholars, sword-thralls

Common Knowledge: A century and a half past, the magi of Khavayin went to war over control of the nation. When the worst of them were dead and the last of the arcane rebels were suppressed, most city-states enacted laws forbidding magi from holding any political office other than vizier. In recent years, the Ascending Flame formed as a counter. This secret society believes that the best rulers would be wizards and sorcerers, thanks to their intellect and power. They work to enshrine “the Rule of the Wise,” holding that the people would benefit from their authority — but their ruthless methods give that claim the lie.

Characters and the Ascending Flame: Arcane practitioners, whether they like it or not, are marked as of interest to the Flame. Those who aren’t recruited are marked as potential enemies. All others are potential tools of varying use or risk — the Ascending Flame has no respect for the martial world, even if they may find tasks for cheap muscle. Many adventurers have reason to oppose the Flame, be it loyalty to a lord that the sorcerers scheme to replace, a thirst to avenge a cursed relative, or simply a lust for the fabulous treasures that magi tend to accumulate.

Allies: The wizards of the Flame pursue alliances among the Emirates of the Jinn, who have the power and callousness they require without being actual rivals for rule. They also make use of the Brotherhood of Vipers, who are happy to sow chaos in exchange for sorcerers’ coin. They can cooperate with sorcerers allied with the Ogre Khan, Queen of Birds or Ghul Queen, but don’t extend them much trust.

Enemies: The Immortal Sage has openly rebuffed the Flame, and therefore ranks as a great rival. The Sentinels of the Broken Wall have crossed their paths several times, and the wizards of the Flame would be happy to exterminate the remnants of that martial order. The Ogre Khan’s brutishness may make him their enemy in future.

The True Danger: If their intrigues are thwarted, the Ascending Flame may attempt to call down apocalyptic magics from spite. But if their intrigues succeed, magical war will likely ravage Khavayin again as the newly elevated sorcerers begin to see one another not as sworn siblings, but as deadly rivals.

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The Ascending Flame

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