The Enlightened Caliph

Benevolent and Faithful Monarch; Heroic

Usual Location: The Enlightened Caliph rules Saramanda, City of Songs, and dutifully tends to his duties at the Saramandan Court. When he leaves the city, it is usually to attend to a pilgrimage.

Agents: Paladins, priests, Saramandans, commoners, the faithful, royal spies, heroes

Common Knowledge: Caliph Runan al-Masaadi al-Saramanda, Wisdom of the Throne, First Captain of the Faith, Guardian of the Nine and Nine and Nine Again, was a hero in his youth and is a mighty caliph in his middle years. Runan is both a man of faith and a powerful secular ruler. He governs Saramanda, the City of Songs, with a fair and kind hand. But he is also a ranking champion of the Faith of the Seven-and-Twenty, more paladin than priest, and named the foremost protector of the altars. The Enlightened Caliph is wise and merciful, the most beloved ruler of any city-state in the land. He is popularly known to travel Saramanda in disguise, the better to search for the injustices his courtiers prefer not to mention.

Characters and the Enlightened Caliph: Caliph Runan was an adventurer once himself, and looks kindly on heroes who aid the weaker and less fortunate without hope of reward. He is fond of hiring good-hearted adventurers to accomplish great deeds, often while disguised, only to reveal himself and heap rewards upon those who succeed. He has less love for mercenaries, though they too may serve as necessary.

Allies: Those icons with an interest in keeping Khavayin peaceful find a friend in the Enlightened Caliph. The Immortal Sage and Caliph Runan have promised friendship and mutual support. The Prophetess is also a true ally, and some say he pines for her more guarded affections. The Serpent Emirs and Sentinels of the Broken Wall share a common purpose with the Caliph.

Enemies: The Enlightened Caliph has as many enemies as friends. He has forbidden shaitan worship and outlawed the Brotherhood of Vipers, so both the Brotherhood and the forces of the Slumbering King despise him. The Ascending Flame see him as an obstacle to their ultimate goals. The Ogre Khan would love for Caliph Runan to kneel before him, and the Ghul Queen wishes to devour him outright.

The True Danger: The Caliph is driven by his heart, and it is not beyond imagination that a terrible heartbreak could twist him into a crueler despot.

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The Enlightened Caliph

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