The Ghul Queen

Corpse-Eating Queen of the Dead; Villainous

Usual Location: The Ghul Queen’s black arts allow her to travel from any burial ground to the other during the hours of night. She keeps an elaborate and gruesome court in a sunken catacomb, but its true location is a secret, perhaps one that moves from moon to moon.

Agents: Ghuls, necromancers, undead of all stripes, tomb-robbers, scavengers, curse-marked, death-cults, secret cannibals

Common Knowledge: There are few in Khavayin who have not heard tales of the Ghul Queen from their grandmothers. She is the ruler of all her bestial, flesh-eating kin, and a powerful sorceress whose black arts are more terrible than her steely talons and fangs. She’s said to have eyes in every cemetery, a legion of undead thralls, and a disturbing number of living men and women who secretly do her bidding. Tales depict the Ghul Queen as a greedy, treacherous witch with a thousand different schemes, but her greatest goal is to devour the wise and powerful — for she will learn what they knew, and gain a measure of their strength.

Characters and the Ghul Queen: The Ghul Queen tempts some adventurers to do her bidding by offering occult secrets, long-buried treasures, or forbidden delights. The most powerful and knowledgeable are sought to adorn her dinner table. She bears grudges, and will set her children on those who uncover her terrible schemes.

Allies: The Ghul Queen has no real friends, only temporary pacts of cooperation. She is closest to the Slumbering King’s court, though she is by no means fool enough to trust the shaitan without some level of collateral.

Enemies: The Enlightened Caliph believes there is no place in the world for the Ghul Queen, and the Prophetess deliberately thwarts her schemes. Most other icons will kill her children if they find them, just in case the Queen is plotting a way to devour them.

The True Danger: Should the Ghul Queen succeed at devouring another icon, her power might double, making it all the easier for her to seize another one… and another, and another…

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The Ghul Queen

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