The Immortal Sage

The Wise One; Heroic

Usual Location: The Immortal Sage rarely stirs from his enchanted tower, which shifts its location upon nights of the full moon. Instead, he uses sendings to direct his affairs from the safety of his fastness.

Agents: Adventurers, would-be apprentices, spirits of air and water, apparitions, awakened hounds, tiny constructs, clockworks, indebted genies, intelligent enchanted objects

Common Knowledge: For centuries, the Immortal Sage has featured in tales of magic and mystery. He is renowned as a powerful binder who has imprisoned countless evil spirits, from shaitan to wicked fey. Rumors vary as to whether the Sage is the same legendary wizard who sealed the Slumbering King ages ago, or if it is a title passed from archmage to worthy successor. He is the archetype of the grandmaster wizard — capable of amazing feats, but shackled by mysterious forbiddances.

Characters and the Immortal Sage: If the Immortal Sage takes an interest in someone, it is likely that they are capable of sealing away a dark evil, ensuring that a seal remains intact, or even freeing such an imprisoned beast. The Sage offers guidance and sometimes even magical power to heroes engaged with arcane dangers. He also meddles with tomb robbers and looters who have managed to plunder certain ruins, only to unleash curses on themselves and others.

Allies: The Enlightened Caliph has a standing offer of assistance to the Immortal Sage. He and the Prophetess are sometimes rivals, but seek a common end. He has entertained emissaries from the Serpent Emirs and the Queen of Birds, and would offer his aid to the Sentinels of the Broken Wall if they were humble enough to ask it. The Ascending Flame have made offers of allegiance, but he dislikes their ambition.

Enemies: The Slumbering King’s agents know that the Immortal Sage is fully opposed to their waking their tyrannical lord. The Ghul Queen considers him her worst rival and most precious possible meal.

The True Danger: The Immortal Sage is a mysterious figure, and for all his strength he may have peculiar weaknesses. In attempting to keep the land safe from all great threats, he exposes himself to the risk that one of those threats discovers one such weakness.

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The Immortal Sage

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