The Prophetess

The Seer of Destiny; Heroic

Usual Location: The shrine of the Prophetess lies on the island of Tef, along the northern coast. She is said to have a collection of bound winds that carry her messages across Khavayin. Certainly she has an honor guard of devotees who prevent intruders from disrupting her visions.

Agents: Almost anyone, from pauper to paladin. In some cases, her influence can pass for sheer coincidences.

Common Knowledge: The Prophetess is a woman with a unique gift, the ability to foresee the strands of Fate as they play out. Her ability is said to be divinely granted, though whether by the gods or Fate itself is a matter of some debate. She does not have the might of the Immortal Sage or the authority of the Enlightened Caliph, but her influence reaches as far. She desires the most peaceful and glorious futures to come to pass, and so her prophecies are of great interest to the powers seeking to shape the world.

Characters and the Prophetess: Heroes may aid the Prophetess openly, working to fulfill promises and avert dooms that she’s foreseen. Others might be marked to play a role in a fated event, and so come to the attention of her agents, or the agents of her rivals.

Allies: Most heroic icons, the Enlightened Caliph and Immortal Sage in particular, have a vested interest in helping the Prophetess realize her more optimistic visions. She has an ambiguous and unclear relationship with Fate.

Enemies: Most villainous icons wish to remove the Prophetess from play, in order to enact their schemes of conquest without inconvenient visions prying on them. The Ogre Khan would like to subdue her, perhaps as a consort, and the Ghul Queen would pay any price to eat her eyes.

The True Danger: The Prophetess is powerful, but still reliant on others to enact or avert her dreams. She’ll continue to be a potent force for good, unless treacherous forces intercept her prophecies and work to invert them.

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The Prophetess

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