The Queen of Birds

Mercurial Fey Monarch; Ambiguous

Usual Location: The Queen of Birds’ fantastical aerie-palace hangs in the Overworld skies, beyond the reach of most mortals. She visits the mortal world from time to time, settling a portion of her court for an evening, but mostly relies on her messengers to bring her news and baubles from around the realms.

Agents: Fey, bards, harpies, sirens, talking birds, rukhs, air elementals

Common Knowledge: The Queen of Birds features in many tales as a fey patron to a beautiful, virtuous or clever mortal who catches her interest. She is generally a benevolent figure, though easily distracted, a notorious gossip, and prone to tempestuous fits of temper. Her information network stretches across Khavayin and beyond, so that her talking birds can bring her all the most fascinating rumors.

Characters and the Queen of Birds: Her Majesty of the Colored Skies is very interested in tales of valor, cleverness and artistry. She may be a patron to anyone who might bring her something beautiful she hasn’t seen or heard before, or who can tell her a rumor or secret she hadn’t known. She is protective of her subjects, and may well notice anyone who does a particular bird a kindness — or a cruelty. Adventurous souls may also be caught up in her subjects’ efforts to win her favor.

Allies: At any time, envoys from the Sultanates of the Jinn and the Serpent Emirs are guests in the Queen of Birds’ court. She respects the Beasts of Stone, although she finds them humorless.

Enemies: The Queen of Birds particularly dislikes the Ghul Queen’s grotesquerie, and considers the Brotherhood of Vipers egg-eating vermin. Both the Ascending Flame and the Immortal Sage have attempted to bind certain of her servants in the past, and she disapproves highly of such behavior.

The True Danger: As with most fey monarchs, the greatest danger is that the Queen of Birds may find great entertainment in being cruel, or take a fancy to the idea of herself as a conquering empress.

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The Queen of Birds

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