The Righteous Wheel Talon

When the Ministry of Vision divined the potential trouble unleashed by the Zodiac Jewels, the other ministers ruled out a large intervention. The Khavayish would certainly see the movement of a military unit, however well-intentioned, as an open stab at their sovereignty. It was deemed wisest to dispatch a single talon, innocuous as any other adventuring party, to do what a talon does. But given the possible scale of the Zodiac business, it also seemed wise not to simply hand the role off to any pack of scuff-scale rogues. A formal talon would be filled, and in light of the task, it would be especially important to select heroes who stood for each of the elements in the zodiac. So five trustworthy young venturers each received the call to join the talon that would be called the Righteous Wheel.

The role of Earth went to the closest thing to a leader the talon possessed — Breskhancha Hammer-of-the-Wall, a doughty bronze-scaled beyr champion. Breskh is somewhat motherly, prone to treating the younger members of the talon as if they are still youths in need of instruction. Her voice is both soothing and commanding in turn. She’s tall and broad-shouldered, and an imposing figure when wielding her war mattock.

Water’s representative is Tikhalcha Net-Cutter, an incisive brekhath scout with a touch of turquoise highlight to his jade scales. Tikha has been not just teaming with Breskh for years, but also courting her. He claims that while of course her beyr relatives would see the cross-keyv match as improper, his brekhath kin would see it improper if he didn’t pursue a goal out of fear for tradition. He describes himself as a humble fisherman, and even calls his weapons his “fishhook and fishing knife” (a kusari-gama-like weapon and a short, straight sword).

Wind-of-Embers took the fire role, and her mastery of Hakasarre’s gifts was considered very auspicious. She offered not just the voice of the Curved Flame, but would make a good contact for some of the Khavayish who might trust an elf over a drakh, particularly the nomadic desert elf tribes.

The Air representative was a bit more questionable. Kaistron, Tooth of the Storm, is a spartoi warrior born from the tooth of a mighty storm dragon. He has less of the gentle, healing winds of the goddess Yenesscha to him, and is more a driving gale and crash of thunder. Some named his presence in the talon as less auspicious, but his teammates accepted him quickly. His features are human enough, but his blue scale armor and toothlike spear are very distinctive, and usually make it a little harder for him to blend into the Khavayish crowd. All the same, it was believed he, like Wind-of-Embers, would have an easier time dealing with humans.

Finally, the Aether role went to Zilyazha Clouded Heaven, a tezhu sorcerer with scales of satiny black. Zilyazha can be somewhat testy, and has something to prove. He was born to a poor family, and runs a bit covetous, seeing wealth as a possible way of displaying his worth. This minor insecurity is probably misplaced, in the face of his clear magical talent. Zilyazha has a gift for hybridizing classic drakhan elemental sorcery, and uses spells of metal, lava, ice, and lightning.

The Righteous Wheel Talon

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