The Sentinels of the Broken Wall

The Unsung Swords of Justice; Heroic

Usual Location: The loosely organized Sentinels travel where they’re needed, and have a scattering of tiny sword-monasteries where they train their disciples. Some say they keep a presence in the Forgotten City that was once their charge.

Agents: Wanderers, swordsmen, nomads, mendicants, hunters, paladins, grateful allies

Common Knowledge: Many who hold power scoff at the ragged Sentinels of the Broken Wall, and call them nothing more than the irrelevant remnants of a long-ago failure. They say they are the sentinels “on the broken wall,” foolish and futile. But others have seen them for what they are — a band of warriors sworn to protect civilization and hunt down threats that menace it, many of them far stronger than their humble meins suggest. The Sentinels are easily overlooked, for they keep no chapterhouses and are few in number. The tales tell only of weatherbeaten wanderers arriving from the outlands, sometimes with an apprentice alongside them, who overcome great menaces and then move on. They failed the Forgotten City. Never again.

Characters and the Sentinels: The Sentinels’ ends often align with those of heroic adventurers. They might offer assistance or training to those who would use their gifts for good purpose. Some characters may even join the Sentinels, undergoing the arduous training and taking the oath: “I do not stand atop the wall, nor below the wall. I am the wall.”

Allies: The Enlightened Caliph respects the Sentinels’ oath, and aids them if they ask. They are on good terms with the Prophetess as well. The Serpent Emirs sometimes give them subtle assistance, and make a game of remaining anonymous.

Enemies: The Sentinels regularly oppose each of the villainous icons. They are particularly set against the overt threat of the Ogre Khan and the abominable menace of the Ghul Queen and the Slumbering King.

The True Danger: Their loose organization and scanty numbers could be the Sentinels’ undoing. If even a dozen of them were misled, betrayed, and killed, generations of martial discipline and wide-ranging knowledge would be lost.

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The Sentinels of the Broken Wall

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