The Slumbering King

Bound Shaitan Lord; Villainous

Usual Location: Asleep beneath the stones of Umal Baat.

Agents: Devils, cultists, tieflings, mad wizards, sages, cursed treasure-seekers, living nightmares

Common Knowledge: In the ancient times when the cities of Umal Teyr and Umal Baat were strong and splendid, a foolish wizard-king conjured the greatest shaitan known to him, and 999 other devils to attend his would-be slave. The shaitan overthrew his summoner, and ruled for a time in Umal Baat with a terrible grip. Eventually he was cast down and bound into slumber, and even his name was lost with the realm. But certain of his court of 999 remain in the world, and both they and power-hungry madmen work to locate and wake the Slumbering King once more.

Characters and the Slumbering King: The King himself operates only in dreams. But his many followers must work in the mortal world, and they are always searching for new converts or catspaws. Arcanists and priests are especially prized targets of subversion, while warriors and thieves are critical for gathering certain artifacts crucial to restoring the shaitan’s rule.

Allies: The Brotherhood of Vipers hire themselves to the 999 for the right price. The Ghul Queen sometimes aids certain of the Slumbering King’s followers, for they can be amusing.

Enemies: Most icons have no desire to see the King awake. The Immortal Sage has sworn to prevent the Slumbering King from waking, the Enlightened Caliph is a devout foe of all shaitan, and the Sentinels of the Broken Wall actively hunt his followers.

The True Danger: Clearly all will be well unless the Slumbering King’s followers manage to wake their sovereign once more.

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The Slumbering King

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