The Sultanates of the Jinn

The Four Genie Courts; Ambiguous

Usual Location: The Sultanates are based in the elemental planes that simultaneously border, infuse and exist apart from the mortal world. The four great courts of the genies are the City of Brass, fiery home to the ifrit; the Citadel of 1001 Winds, soaring court of the djinn; the Heart of the Waves, homeland to the aqueous marid, and the Grand Delve, million-faceted metropolis of the earthen jann. Despite their inaccessible locations, the Sultanates still exert influence on Khavayin through the raw power of the genies.

Agents: Genies, genasi, sorcerers, elementals, mephits, giants, archons, magical beasts, elemental constructs

Common Knowledge: Jinn, or genies (the pronunciation difference between “jinn” and “djinn” is inconveniently subtle), are immortal creatures tied to the primordial elements. They have incredible magic, furious pride, and a history of contracts, pacts and imprisonments tying them to the mortal races. They are beautiful or bestial, greatly civilized, and fascinated by the aesthetics of art, music and beauty. The Sultanates is a term used to refer to the four greatest courts of the four greatest genie peoples, who are rarely of one mind on anything. Their intrigues are boundless, which helps keep their meddling with mortals in check — for the best, given their mix of fascination, patronization and contempt for the mortal races.

Characters and the Sultanates of the Jinn: Despite their arrogance, genies find countless reasons to meddle in mortal affairs. Further, many genie troublemakers have been bound in prisons, subject to mortal command against their will. Adventurers may find themselves connected by promises made to their ancestors, unwittingly wielding genie-made artifacts, beseeched to break old bonds, even caught up in tempestuous (and inadvisable) romances. Ties to the Sultanates usually imply one of the four great courts — a wind-singer might be tied to the Citadel of 1001 Winds yet unknown to the City of Brass — but this is not always the case. Some mortals are marked by all of geniekind, often to their dismay.

Allies: Genies acknowledge no peers. Some are bound to call in old debts to the Immortal Sage, the Prophetess or the Queen of Birds — or even any icon — but they have no allies as mortals would reckon the word.

Enemies: The Sultanates feud with one another more often than anything else. Individual genies might have a grudge against any other icon, though, depending on their shared history.

The True Danger: Dealing with the jinn is dangerous enough in its own right. This equilibrium will hold unless any mortal or icon does enough to anger an entire court of genies, drawing down a collective fury that could crack the living world.

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The Sultanates of the Jinn

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