The Zodiac Gems

The Khavayish mark the passage of the sun through fifteen constellations. Traditional elven religion even honors the zodiacal signs as ancestors, fifteen star-gods to stand alongside the sun and moon.

Each of the signs has an elemental tie: air (Owl, Chariot, Crow); earth (Behemoth, Antelope, Hunter); fire (Fox, Phoenix, Mourner); water (Dragon Turtle, Dolphin, Crocodile); and aether (Thunderbolt, Maiden, Ouroboros). Astromancers emphasize the importance of these elemental ties, both to increase the effectiveness of their own enchantments and to impress the fundamental dignity of their work on audiences such as the jinn. There have been many works of zodiacal magic, but one of the most significant was the crafting of the Zodiac Gems. A master astrologer among the Shadow Viziers created the fifteen jewels, and compelled jinn to assemble a grand orrery to place them in. The heroes that overthrew him destroyed the orrery, and divided up the stones among themselves.

The gems are described as clear jewels the size of a ripe peach, with one large facet marked by the symbol of the astrological sign. The hue of each gem varies by associated element: the air stones are clearest, the earth stones carry a shade of green, the fire stones red, the water stones blue and the aether stones golden.

According to the writings of Rabeyah the Quill, the last known dispositions of the Zodiac Gems are uncertain. Each one was claimed by one of the heroes who helped overthrow the Shadow Viziers, but the heroes themselves didn’t always hold on to them. According to her best research, these secondhand reports are the best estimation of the gems’ fates.

  • Owl: Stolen by magpies and given to the Queen of Birds
  • Behemoth: Given to the desert giant hero Kabotol; buried with him in the Pyramid With Four Masks; recovered and currently in the hands of the venturers
  • Fox: Taken by a thief; vanished into the black market. According to Attsu’s memory, a part of Hayr Charike’s collection; according to the jann Burunizha Ten Bronze Mirrors, in a vault in the City of Locks.
  • Dragon Turtle: Given as an act of gratitude to a Serpent Emir; rests somewhere in a cavern beneath the ground.
  • Thunderbolt: Claimed by a wizard who fled with it to an island tower; captured from the Crown of Thunder; held by Akhman al-Ifrim of the Ascending Flame
  • Chariot: Reputedly powers a flying ship in the Enlightened Caliph’s holding
  • Antelope: Given to a dancer for a night of unparalleled passion; held by Hadlaq the All-Seeing of the Ascending Flame
  • Phoenix: Bartered to an ifrit; held by Akhman al-Ifrim of the Ascending Flame
  • Dolphin: Lost with an explorer venturing to a city sunk beneath the Jadesea; recovered from Vorun Tsaa; in the hands of the venturers
  • Maiden: Given as tribute to the princess of an island ogre kingdom
  • Crow: Carried by a necromancer/soldier who vanished on a ghul hunt; previously in the keeping of the ghul Pergu; currently held by Lightning Zan
  • Hunter: Given as inheritance to one of three sons, who vanished thereafter; given to Abd jan Abd of the Ascending Flame; currently held by Attsu Tsarran
  • Mourner: Claimed by a hermit-knight of Zamaas, City of Echoes; remains within the ruined city
  • Crocodile: Held by a sea-captain turned merchant; considered lost in corsair attack; in the keeping of Barbafir Bloodmouth
  • Oroboros: Reputedly held by the Immortal Sage himself.

Known Gem Powers:

  • Behemoth: The Behemoth Jewel is a powerful earth stone, granting solidity and the power to shake the land.
    - Passive: The holder of the Behemoth gem cannot be forced from his feet so long as he stands on earth or stone.
    - Active: A wielder of sufficient will may conjure a small earthquake once per day.
  • Dolphin: The Dolphin Jewel is one of the purest of the water stones, granting freedom within and mastery of the dolphin’s native element.
    - Passive: The holder of the Dolphin stone is able to breathe water as if it were air, and may swim as quickly as they run, even if they wear armor.
    - Active: A wielder of sufficient will may summon a water elemental once per day, much as if using the druidic spell summon water elemental. The caster level of the spell cannot be higher than the wielder’s level — a wielder of 1st or 2nd level cannot successfully invoke this power from the jewel.
  • Hunter: The Hunter Jewel is an earth stone that grants knowledge of a given quarry that walks the land.
    - Passive: The holder of the Hunter gem can nominate a target, and will always know the direction to the jewel’s target.
    - Active: The wielder may call on the gem during a battle to guide their next strike.

The Zodiac Gems

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