The City of Flame

The island city-state of Izir is famous not for the rare metals it exports, nor the art and finecrafts it creates. It is famous because it is a magocracy, governed by the current Amir Jadafira the Serene, an enchantress whose soft voice and splendid jewels hint at the great power she commands. Jadafira is not the first mage-amir to govern Izir, and Izir is, if its masters have their way, only the first of many city-states which will be governed by The Wise. For Izir is the heart of the Ascending Flame, and all their plots incubate by the island’s geothermal heat.

The other city-states of Khavayin are well aware of the Flame’s ambitions to govern them. But none move openly against Izir, for the city is very well defended against invaders. Were the sorcerers of the city not daunting enough, there is but one safe approach to the city, a harbor that is well guarded by magical beacons that serve as terrible weapons. The fleet of Izir is small, but quite powerful: it boasts a handful of doughty fire-ships, and its most formidable vessels are captained by dangerous sorcerers.

The rule of the First and Most Wise Amir is adamantine, but not without its mercies. Izir feeds its poor, conjuring bricks of a manna-ration that will nourish a body well, even if the taste is flat and without savor. All one must do to be fed is wear the brick-red tunic or sash that marks one as in need. It is said, “None starve in Izir, save the proud.” More well-to-do citizens also wear colors in flame hues if they wish to show patriotism, though they choose brighter raiment.

Local Customs

Many of the customs of Izir are born from the Rule of the Wise, and the sorcerers’ jealous husbanding of power. For instance, while a mage may have a fine tall tower topped with a sculpture in the form of their personal sigil, those who cannot use the arcane arts are forbidden from inhabiting buildings higher than three stories tall.

Sadly, the detestable practice of slavery is legal in Izir. The great majority of slaves imported to the island are sold to the middle class; it would seem that those who must obey their sorcerous betters without question have a great need to be obeyed without question in turn.

Notable Residents

Axos: Half-elven priest of the all-inclusive fire cult, the Prismatic Flame.

Jasenta the Living Jewel: Lapidary mage with a taste for the finer things in life and a resentment for her neighbor, Nehedza the Shrouded Moon.


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