Drakha (plural; the singular is drakh) are a race of dragon-like people, somewhat resembling lizardmen but with much more draconic features. Only a few of them have assimilated into Khavayish culture; most are citizens of the Dragonskull Isles some distance to the west. Most people treat drakha with respect and a small amount of fear; they are known for producing excellent weapons, their martial practices are quite advanced, and it is an open secret that they will ritually eat the bodies of their enemies. For all that, though, they are a generally orderly and benevolent culture, and treat other races with a measure of empathy.

Rules-wise, drakha are treated as dragonborn. Most are winged (save for the gold-scaled sathaz, who are mostly wingless), and the player may choose to take a glide racial power instead of a breath weapon.

Drakha have a caste (keyv) system of sorts. The color of one’s scales does not legally determine one’s role in society, but the keyvs do come with a certain amount of social inertia built up over centuries of tradition. A red-scaled rachtha might be a pacifist, but she likely comes from a family with many soldiers in its line, and felt some pressure to emulate them.

Rachtha (red) — Warriors and smiths; tied to the fire-god Hakasarre.
Beyr (bronze) — Builders and growers; tied to the earth-god Ulkostah
Brekhath (green) — Sailors and scouts; tied to the water-god Rezekhssalan
Telloch (white) — Healers and herders; tied to the air-god Yenesscha
Sathaz (gold) — Scholars and sorcerers; tied to the aether-god Siothav
Sathchess (silver) — Aristocrats and bureaucrats; associated with the creator-god Ksaltahk
Machkha (blue) — Champions and competitors; associated with the destroyer-god Vulkhira
Tezhu (black) — Almost without a place; associated with the death-god Zekischu

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