Items of Enchantment

There are many fascinating objects crafted by the finest arts of mortal and immortal, bearing powers that would fit into the most fanciful tales. The heroic traveler might take particular interest in the following.

  • Dancer’s Anklet: This charming ankle bracelet is set with tiny coins, and jingles musically only when its wearer would like it to. It was designed for a dancer who was perpetually beset by the grasping hands of oafish audiences, and guides its wearer’s steps to neatly avoid unwanted attentions. (Grants +5 bonus to disengage checks.)
  • Guiding Star: Guiding Star is a shortish blade with excellent balance, with what appears to be a large compass needle embedded in the flat edge of the blade, near the tip. When balanced on a fingertip, the blade swings about to point north and south. It is said to find foes’ vitals just as easily. (+ 1 scimitar. Power: ignore all penalties to your attack rolls for a round. Recharge 11+.)
  • Izirian Amulet of Secondary Authority: An enchanted firebrass amulet with a flame motif and sigils marking the bearer as a member of the Ascending Flame who is a direct representative of someone with actual authority. The bearer of the amulet may attempt to use it to receive aid while masquerading as a member of the Ascending Flame, or benefit from a strengthened reputation as an enemy of the Ascending Flame, given that the amulet must be won from a powerful member of the order. (+2 MD. Power: When rolling your Ascending Flame relationship dice, you can choose to add 1 to any single die’s result — turning a 4 into a 5 or a 5 into a 6.)

Reputedly there were once four grand compass swords, each one forged by a different jinn, that could divine answers when asked. They could point to the proper glyph to answer a question, show the direction of a sworn enemy, or other such minor divinations. Guiding Star is perhaps a mortal’s work that emulates these swords, but the stories of its forging are contradictory.

  • Orb of the Manageable Tempest: A storm caught in the Endless Skies was imprisoned in this glass orb, the work of a sorcerer wise in the ways of the jinn. The storm has resigned itself to its captivity, but can be encouraged to release a small portion of its fury. (Counts as a + 1 wand. Power: May release a wind against many targets or a powerful wind against one. Either use is an attack against PD. If used against many targets, it affects 1d6 nearby enemies; each one hit pops free from anyone it is engaged with. If used against one target, it blasts them back several feet in a direction of the caster’s choosing. Recharge 11+.)

Items of Enchantment

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