The Feast of Mashaar's Return


  • Lamb in saffron rice
  • Savory flatbreads
  • Dates in syrup
  • A variety of roast meats (Wind-of-Embers)
  • Grilled swordfish (Captain Tairasha)
  • Spiced cubes of raw crocodile tail (Notch)
  • Oysters with mustard sauce (Ruska)
  • Wine-drowned, pulled, roasted antelope (Captain Navaad)
  • Garlicky pigeon-stuffed breads (Captain Mara-Set)
  • Fermented honey-cakes (Blessed Lirin)
  • Spicy noodle & chickpea soup (Seyriida)
  • Kebabs, vegetable and beef with pomegranate/walnut paste (Ruzakh)
  • Curried vegetables with cheese (Sandcat)


  • Wine
  • Kheran beer (Captain Mara-Set)
  • Korzalka (Zan)
  • Saramandan liqueurs (Zan)
  • Coffee
  • Fermented camel milk (?)

The Feast of Mashaar's Return

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